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  • Roland Dejaeghere


4 persons - 13 min.


- 4 slices of PanPiuma:

-> Grano Tenero or Piumino

- 2 eggs or veggie cream

- 200g mascarpone or silken tofu

- 70g cane sugar

- 40g cacao powder

- 2 expresso coffees


- Beat the mascarpone with the eggs and cane sugar

- Cut the PanPiuma slices into circles of the size of your choice (2 circles per tiramisu) using a cut-out shape.

- Dip the PanPiuma circles in the coffee

- Cover the first circle of bread with a nice layer of mascarpone preparation

- Cover the preparation with the 2nd circle and a layer of mascarpone preparation

- Leave to cool in the refrigerator (20 minutes)

- Sprinkle with cocoa powder

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