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  • Roland Dejaeghere


4 persons - 10 min.


- 4 slices of PanPiuma:

-> Fiocchi di Cereali or Integrale

- 2 eggs or veggie cream

- 70cl milk or veggie milk

- 1 pat of butter or margarine

- a pinch of salt


- Place the eggs (or vegetable cream), milk (or vegetable milk) and salt in a bowl

- Beat the ingredients in a uniform and creamy mixture

- Put the slices of PanPiuma in the mixture and let them soak well

- Melt the butter or margarine in a non-stick pan

- Cook each slice of PanPiuma in the pan for 5 minutes over medium heat

- Garnish your lost PanPiuma with jam, chocolate spread, brown sugar or another filling of your choice

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